Race Nights are still the best fundraiser event by far!

HR Entertainment have supplied Charity Race Nights for many years now, too many to mention! Our Race Nights are always so well attended and even though Race Nights have been around as Charity Fundraising Events for years many people tell me they are attending their very first race night ever!

With all the excitement of a real afternoon or evening at the races this entertainment packed event will even leave your charity or good cause such as your local team better off financially with its fundraising aspects you can’t lose!

To make the most of this Race Night Charity Event you will be required to do a little work prior to the actual event date, its not very difficult or too time consuming especially if you get some help from others in your organisation. You simply sell Ownership or Sponsorship of the horses offering the Winning Owners a prize of some type. All monies left over will then be even more profit for your Charity or Cause.

On the evening of course there will be additional profits coming from tote betting, raffles and such.

Give your Charity a funds boost or get your teams bank balance in the black book a race night event, have fun and make loads for your good cause.

Here at HR Entertainment dates are running out please contact me, Jason, soon to check your date and availability. Price frozen at only £200 for operator, betting tickets and equipment hire.

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